Giving the world
something else to burn

Keep Fossil Fuels in the Ground

Today, over 80% of our energy still comes from fossil fuels. To change this, the world needs something else to burn inside the existing, multi-trillion dollar infrastructure designed to combust oil, gas and coal. Skymining fuel makes that possible.

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Even after a sharp rise in renewables, more than 80% of our energy comes from burning oil, gas, coal — fuels that are carbon intensive and drive global warming. Switching to a carbon negative fuel is the quickest and cheapest way to stop and then reverse global warming.

Densified Atmospheric CO2

Skymining produces solid, carbon negative fuel made from densified atmospheric CO2. Our versatile fuel can be burned to directly replace fossil fuels in industry, heating and electricity production. It can also serve as the basis for other products and services, such as variations of liquid fuel.

Low cost

Our fuel costs less than fossil fuels and charcoal in all chosen target markets.

Energy dense

The energy density per tonne of Skymining fuel is similar to fossil fuels.

Zero emissions

Skymining fuel is carbon negative when combusted, as CO2 is stored in the ground when it is made.

Cleaning up the power grids

Skymining fuel can be used to substitute oil, gas, and coal in electricity production — all while exploiting the existing infrastructure for combustion. This keeps costs low, and provides a pathway to safely end our fossil fuel addiction without compromising economic growth.


Skymining fuel can co-fire or directly replace coal; crucial as regulations and mandates tighten.

Wind and solar backup

Renewables often rely on dirty fossil-fuel backup. With Skymining, renewable backup is now clean.

Heating oil

When replacing old ovens run on heating oil, Skymining cut energy bills in half.

Replacing charcoal to slow deforestation

Replacing charcoal will have the largest social and environmental impact compared to other uses. Charcoal production is causing disastrous levels of deforestation across Africa and the developing world. Furthermore, prices for charcoal are skyrocketing, due to dwindling forests near populated areas. Skymining can solve this problem on a massive scale.