Monetizing your emissions

Turning CO2 into cash

Skymining enables companies and individuals to physically remove their CO2 emissions from the atmosphere and turn them into energy and profits. In the process approximately 17.5% of all CO2 is captured and stored in the ground.

How Skymining generates returns:

Your CO2 becomes fuel

Anyone can invest in Skymining to turn their CO2 emissions into fuel.

Sold for energy

Our CO2-based fuel is sold profitably on the world energy markets.

Shared profit

Profits from fuel sales are shared with the client, generating approx 5% ROI.

Every transaction will
slow global warming

Imagine a society where every transaction with a carbon footprint was automatically Skymined for those emissions; removing them from the sky. Skymining has the potential to revolutionize environmental stewardship and social change by attaching them directly to consumerism.


With Skymining, gasoline from any provider can be made CO2-neutral at the pump.

Air travel

Removing the CO2 released from travelling can generate profits.


Any purchase decision can be made with a good conscience, as they now have no harmful climate impact.