2 emissions into a clean, renewable and profitable fuel – thereby turning emissions into cash."> 2 emissions into a clean, renewable and profitable fuel – thereby turning emissions into cash."> 2 emissions into a clean, renewable and profitable fuel – thereby turning emissions into cash."> Skymining | Home

Introducing Skymining®

Reversing the carbon flow
in the biosphere

Skymining removes CO2 from the atmosphere and transforms it into a carbon flow that restores soils, recovers marginal land, and creates carbon negative fuel, food and fiber in the process. For the same investment as a 6 square meter solar panel that produces on average 1,000 KWh per year, we offer a 2,000 square meter Skymine that produces 77,000 KWh per year while capturing and safely storing excess atmospheric carbon in the earth.

Our technological breakthrough produces fuel based on atmospheric carbon that is cheaper than fossil fuels, yet very profitable. Carbon in CO2 is available in sufficient quantities to replace the world's entire consumption of oil, gas and coal.

Creating a clean replacement
of fossil fuels

Skymining first addresses the urgent problem of climate change by removing CO2 from the atmosphere and using it to produce a clean replacement for oil and coal. For the same USD 2 trillion that was invested in wind and solar during the past decade, Skymining could have produced enough carbon negative fuel to replace all coal use and 30% of all oil.

Instead of the approximately 1% decarbonization offered by wind and solar, we would have had a 40% decarbonization through Skymining and fossil fuel replacement. This is a profound difference that society can no longer afford to ignore.


The world’s most effective CO2 pumps

Our research revealed that certain specialized grasses contain hyper-efficient CO2-pumps. These pumps evolved over 30 million years ago to deal with CO2 scarcity, and nothing in nature nor anything man-made, can compete with their cost, scalability and efficiency.


A technological breakthrough

We use a commercially viable process of rapid carbonization to convert these grasses into a clean replacement for fossil fuels. In the process approximately 20% of the carbon removed from the atmosphere stays in the ground, making all of our clean fuels carbon negative. The technology has been tested on industrial scale and the proven process is now ready for global deployment.

Keeping fossil fuels in the ground

Fossil fuels account for more than 80% of mankind’s primary energy supply, so the only realistic way to keep them in the ground is to give the world something else to burn. That ‘something else’ is Skymining fuel: clean, cheap, forever renewable — and it doesn’t add CO2 to the atmosphere during combustion. There is enough excess carbon in the sky to replace all fossil fuel use, giving the world time to move into the non-combusting energy era.

See the size of the atmospheric carbon mine

Turning your emissions into a profit

By investing in a Skymine, any company or individual can turn their CO2 emissions into clean and renewable energy — and profit in the process. Until today, becoming carbon neutral has been an expense, but with Skymining, lowering emissions is done by investing in an asset (marginal land) that annually increases in value - while the sales of fuel, food and fiber generate annual returns.

To stop global warming,
three things need to happen

Replace the existing
use of fossil fuels

Remove CO2 from
the atmosphere

End deforestation
and soil erosion

Skymining is the only solution in the renewable energy arena that can tackle all three challenges simultaneously, in a way that is both mass-scalable and profitable.