Biodiversity through agroforestry

Skymining restores marginal land with carbon and nutrients

All land used to establish Skymines is degraded or otherwise marginal, meaning we sidestep the food vs. fuel debate. In fact, Skymining restores marginal land over time by infusing the soil with carbon and nutrients, making it suitable for agriculture. Each Skymine is established within a suitable agroforestry model in order to regenerate the land and increase biodiversity.

Skymining plants C4 grass as a contribution to our planet.

The most efficient CO2 pumps
in the world

The more energy that is produced, moved, or consumed by C4 grass plantations, the less CO2 we will have in the atmosphere. The more degraded land we recover, the more value we create for society.

The Skymining process


Establish your


Remove CO2 from
the atmosphere


Receive returns


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We act

Skymining inspires and motivates people to take part in the environmental healing of the planet. Our current operations have a direct impact on 12 of the United Nations SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), and our mission is to integrate all 17 of them into our business.

Participate and engage –
become a Skyminer

Skymining offers you the opportunity to mine carbon from the sky by investing in your own Skymine, a plot of agroforestry land.
days until the grass grows to a height of up to 4 meters
Skymining farms the land and lets Skyminers follow the growth of the C4 grass. In only 120 days the grass grows to a height of up to 4 meters, capturing and storing carbon that in turn helps to restore degraded land. Once you invest in a Skymine and the grass begins to grow you become a real Skyminer, contributing to the restoration of the biosphere, receiving a return on your investment.

We cannot do this alone. That is why we invite you to become a Skyminer.

The faster we can deploy our Skymining solution, the sooner we can reduce the CO2 in the atmosphere and lay the foundations for a better future.