What is Skymining?
Skymining is a company that presents one of the world’s most natural and efficient way to capture carbon from the air, with the aim to balance the biosphere of our planet.

What is the problem Skymining is trying to solve?
Skymining’s solution will be an essential piece of the puzzle in solving the global climate crisis.Skymining removes atmospheric carbon and sequesters it using plantations of specialised C4 grass. 

When was Skymining founded?
Skymining was founded in 2017.

Where will Skymining act on planting C4 grass?
New, arable land is created by recovering degraded land, which in turn relieves pressure on deforestation. Land in warmer countries, for example in Africa.

Where does Skymining operate?
Skymining works from their head office in Stockholm, Sweden.

What is Skyminings mission, and what does it mean?
Our mission is to inspire society to restore the synergy between humanity and nature, ensuring a clean atmosphere and a healed planet for us and generations to come. We want to turn crisis into an opportunity. By transforming atmospheric carbon into an asset, we aim to inspire and make it possible for everyone to be part of a vital change: restoring the biosphere and the subsequent environmental healing of our planet.

Let's influence the future

By investing in a Skymine you compensate for emissions linked to your activities and you gain an annual return on investment.  You can go CO2-negative for both a purpose and a financial gain.