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It is an investment for the future with both a purpose and a financial gain

A Skyminer or a Skymining Partner joins a global movement and invests in becoming carbon negative.  A Skyminer can be a company or an individual who unavoidably emit CO2.

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Become CO2-negative and be part of the solution.

A Skyminer

By investing in a Skymine you compensate for emissions linked to your activities and you gain an annual return on investment. You can go CO2-negative for both a purpose and a financial gain.

A Skymining Partner

Investing in a Skymine ensures a steady, increasing reversal of carbon flow in the biosphere. C4 grass is a carbon pump that becomes increasingly effective with time, and every year a large proportion of all carbon is permanently stored in the ground. This restores the land and ecosystem, appreciating the value of the Skymine you invested in.

As a Skymining Partner you compensate for 20 percent more than your carbon footprint and you will go CO2-negative for both a purpose and a financial gain.

How your business can benefit beyond the removal of carbon dioxide


We help corporations deliver on their CSR and sustainability promises by achieving measurable social impact in line with the UN SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals).

Brand Building

Joining Skymining will help corporations build purpose-driven and sustainable brands.

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