Born in Sweden.

Our Mission

It is our mission to turn CO2 into energy in a way that is unprecedentedly profitable,
sustainable and benevolent. By making change irresistible, we aim to empower society to kick its fossil fuel addiction.

Read our philosophy

Our philosophy is based on a simple idea: the only way to stop global warming, deforestation, desertification and poverty is by attaching benevolence to consumerism itself. If doing good becomes an automatic, effortless and immediate consequence of energy consumption - and energy touches every other product on earth - then doing good will finally be on the scale that is needed to change the world.

SkyMining is our contribution to this needed shift in thinking. The more energy that is produced, moved or consumed through SkyMining, the less CO2 we will have in the atmosphere, the more land we will recover from depletion, the more people we will lift out of poverty.

We have made it profitable to help the world, and attached the act of doing good to capitalism itself. Instead of fossil fuels that are polluting and warming our planet, our CO2-based fuels will reverse global warming and recover much of the world's marginal land.

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