2 emissions into a clean, renewable and profitable fuel – thereby turning emissions into cash."> 2 emissions into a clean, renewable and profitable fuel – thereby turning emissions into cash."> 2 emissions into a clean, renewable and profitable fuel – thereby turning emissions into cash."> Skymining | About Us

Born in Sweden

Our mission

It is our mission to turn CO2 into energy in a way that is unprecedentedly profitable,
sustainable and benevolent. By making change irresistible, we aim to empower society to kick its fossil fuel addiction.

Read our philosophy

Our philosophy is based on a simple idea: the only way to stop global warming, deforestation, desertification and poverty is by attaching benevolence to consumerism itself. If doing good becomes an automatic, effortless and immediate consequence of energy consumption - and energy touches every other product on earth - then doing good will finally be on the scale that is needed to change the world.

Skymining is our contribution to this needed shift in thinking. The more energy that is produced, moved or consumed through Skymining, the less CO2 we will have in the atmosphere, the more land we will recover from depletion, the more people we will lift out of poverty.

We have made it profitable to help the world, and attached the act of doing good to capitalism itself. Instead of fossil fuels that are polluting and warming our planet, our CO2-based fuels will reverse global warming and recover much of the world's marginal land.

Company history

Carl Pendragon invented the holistic concept of Skymining, and worked with a small group of dedicated individuals in the Carbon Wealth group of companies to verify every aspect of the process, soil science and logistics.

Skymining is now a commercially viable process and ready for commercialization through Skymining AB, a Swedish company with a strong team and partners.

The team

Skymining's team comes from a variety of backgrounds and brings experiences and expertise from a wide range of industries, including: energy, finance, strategy, sales and marketing.

Carl Pendragon

Chief Executive Officer

Carl has built organizations linked to energy business since 1990. An inventor and philosopher, Carl is the creator of Skymining's founding vision.

Johan Nordström

Chairman and EVP

With more than 25 years of relevant experience from various industries and situations globally, Johan overseas finance and operations of Skymining as well as corporate governance matters.

Helena Nordström

Chief Marketing Officer

Helena brings a wealth of marketing, communications and strategy expertise to help position the Skymining brand across its audiences and markets, and has a solid past in strategy consulting.

Alexander Flach


Alexander is specialized in Working Capital and Supply Chain Management, with specific focus on Performance Management, Sales and Operational Planning (S&OP), as well as inventory management.

Anders Ekwall


Anders is specialized in Working Capital Management, with focus on governance and performance management, purchasing and payables management, as well as sales and receivables management.

Anne Turtaut

Global Key Accounts

Entrepreneur with vast experience in both B2B and B2C. Now she is brand ambassador for Skymining while managing our largest global clients, including key financial partners.

Investor information

Skymining AB is governed by the
‘Swedish Code of Corporate Governance’

Skymining's corporate governance process is audited by PwC


The Skymining AB shareholders set requirements for the success of the company. In addition to commercial success, requirements can include items such as e.g. sustainability, diversity and gender equality. The views of customers, partners, employees and the society and public in general can also take part in the requirements.

General Meeting of Shareholders

The shareholders’ general meeting is Skymining AB’s highest decision-making body, the shareholders’ meeting has a sovereign role over the board of directors and the chief executive officer. Decisions at shareholders’ meetings are taken by vote, and each A share carries ten votes and each B share one vote. The annual general meeting must be held within six months after the end of the financial year. The board may also call extraordinary general meetings when required.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is responsible for the company’s organization and the management of the company’s business. The board is obliged to follow any specific directives passed by the shareholders’ meeting. The board must consist of no fewer than three members, one of which is to be appointed chair. (The board currently has two members, and will shortly be expanded.) The chair has particular responsibility for leading the work of the board and ensuring that it fulfils its legal obligations.

Chief Executive Officer

The Chief Executive Officer is responsible for Skymining AB’s day-to-day management, in accordance with the guidelines and instructions established by the Board of Directors. The chief executive officer must prepare and present issues that are outside the scope of day-to-day management to the Board of Directors. The board is to provide instructions on when and how required information is to be collected and reported to the board. The Chief Executive Officer is subordinate to the Board of Directors.

Executive Management

Skymining AB’s Executive Management comprises the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and other key executives. The Executive Management is responsible for the formulation and implementation of the Skymining AB’s overall strategies. The Executive Management team, supported by the Core Team, are responsible for e.g. operations, sales, marketing and communications, financial control, financing and capital structure.

Core Team

During the establishment phase of Skymining AB’s operational organization, the Core Team supports the Executive Management. This support includes e.g. matters of daily operations and the establishment of corporate functions and routines and policies.

Contact information

Skymining AB
No 18 Centralplan 15
111 20 Stockholm

Email: contact [at] skymining.com

Marketing and Media Contact:

Helena Nordström
helena.nordstrom [at] skymining.com