Remove atmospheric CO2 with a
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Responding to one of the biggest threats facing mankind, Skymining offers a sustainable, rewarding, and holistic solution that removes CO2, from the atmosphere and helps reduce the impact of climate change.

What we do

Skymining removes atmospheric carbon and sequesters it using plantations of specialised C4 grass. New, arable land is created by recovering degraded land, which in turn relieves pressure on deforestation. Skymining’s solution will be an essential piece of the puzzle in solving the global climate crisis.

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What is C4 grass?

C4 grass is a perennial plant that captures carbon dioxide during photosynthesis. C4 grass is more adapted to warm or hot seasonal conditions in both humid and dry environments. It is one of the fastest-growing grasses and most efficient CO2 pumps in the world; it will grow up to 4 meters in 120 days and can be harvested 2-3 times per year.

Is C4 grass really that effective?

Read our FAQ to find more answers to your questions! 

Let's influence the future

By investing in a Skymine you compensate for emissions linked to your activities and you gain an annual return on investment.

You can go CO2-negative for both a purpose and a financial gain.